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    This amazing creature is a favorite pet on the planet Nemlod.
    It's body is made up of mostly cartilage throughout its whole life, which makes it very soft and flexible.
    There have even been stories of Serfnuks (Alien Dog) getting run over by cars, getting up, walking away (with tread marks all down its back), and making a full recovering within the hour.
Serfnuks are native to the alien swamps of Nemlod where they enjoy eating the scum off the top of the water.
    Living in the swamp, they have developed a protective coat of slime.  Although this slime extremely poisonous to humans, the Serfnuk causes no harm to the natives of Nemlod.  And since it only ate the scum off the swampy waters, it has no teeth whatsoever, which makes it very safe to have around kids.
    Modeled in Wings3D
    Rendered in Anim8or